Retro Challenge Mini at Cape Con!


Hey, Hot Shot! Are you ready to burn rubber and prove you are the fastest racer in town? Well, come to Cape Con on August 18th and prove it!

Due to popular demand we're bringing back the Retro Challenge for a special, one day only event! And this time we're bringing our most requested game, Mario Kart 64! Come by our booth at Cape Con anytime during the day and set your time trial scores to enter for your chance to win prizes!

So are you gonna cross that finish line or will you be left in the dust?


At the end of the Cape Con events the players with the lowest time on these course's time trials will be contacted to win Level Up Entertainment gift card(s).



  • In order to participate you must provide Level Up Entertainment with basic contact info which includes, but is not limited to, name, phone number, and e-mail address.
  • Game will be played only on hardware and software provided by Level Up Entertainment.
  • If participant is under the age of thirteen a parent or guardian must be present to consent to them entering the Retro Game Challenge.
  • New participants will have play order preference over participants who already have competed. You may be asked to wait a turn or two so everyone has a chance to enter at least once!
  • Participants may only enter once per challenge. There will be no practice round at the event but participants are encouraged to practice ahead of the challenge in their own time.
  • Participants do not have to complete each challenge to be eligible for prize(s) and to become eligible to compete in the finals.
  • If the participant should lose all their lives or get a game over during their challenge attempt, they will have failed that challenge, and no score or time will be recorded for them for that challenge.