Level Up Entertainment's 11th Birthday Party


Another year has passed since we opened up our little store, and now it's time to celebrate again! Thank you to everyone who stops by our little corner of the geekiverse, you are what makes our continued existed possible! With that in mind, we'd love you to come out an celebrate with us!



Wouldn't be much of a birthday party without cake right?

We'll be giving up a free piece of cake to everyone who comes out during the party! 


Party Favors!

It's our birthday but you're the one getting gifts! The first 100 people at the store on August 12th will receive a free party bag with a random assortment of goodies. You could recieve one with comics, gift cards, POPs, or maybe more surprises!


New Pinball Table!

Last year for our 10th birthday we premiered our Star Wars pinball machine and held a tournament to celebrate! Well, it's been so much fun having that available for play, we're doing it again!

So we're going to premiere a NEW pinball machine for the store and we would like to break it in with another tournament! What pinball machine is it? Well, you'll just have to come to our party and find out!


Pokemon Go Community Day With Eevee!

Our birthday coincides with a special Eevee event in Pokemon Go! Eevee's caught during the event will all know special moves among many other perks. Our employees will be on hand dropping lures, helping with raids, and maybe even trade a few Pokemon with you!



We have some other surprises and events to announce, along with one day only sales! Keep visiting this page for follow us on social media for announcements!