Local Comic Review: Vampires of New Jersey


We’re located in New Jersey, comics are made in New Jersey, It hasn’t been proven there are no vampires in New Jersey so lets have a comic about vampires in New Jersey!

We start the series off with a bit of mystery as a seemingly normal man, Cassidy, is targeted by a covern of vampires and must race against the clock before he is turned into one.

Some parties want to help him as others want to hinder him as Cassidy’s families past, present, future collide on the streets of NJ.

I mean this in the best way possible: This feels like an extremely indie book. It captures the tone and energy of the best indie comics from the indie boom in the 80’s and 90’s. Sure, it might be a little rough around the edges but creativity and passion for the project comes through on every page. There are currently three issues released and I’d be interested in read more when they are released!