Local Artist Spotlight: Star Savior Bunny #1 and #2


Star Savoir Bunny is one of the amazing additions to our ever-growing Local Comic Creator section at Level Up Entertainment. Over the years we’ve had the great honor of meeting many creators in our state of New Jersey (and some not quite in New Jersey but very close) and so we made a section to celebrate and sell these creators comics. Star Savior Bunny is unique in that we met the creators before they were comic creators. Kendell Hayes and Kay Wallitsch have been good friends of the store and staff for a long time, volunteering at almost all of our Free Comic Book Day events. That was until this year, where instead they became guests showcasing their latest comic, Star Savoir Bunny issue #1.

Star Savoir Bunny follows Alice, a 26 year old with an Art degree, that she isn’t using right now. Instead she works a dead-end job at Dark Star Mart with her boyfriend Kevin, lives with her ever chipper and caffeinated roommate Margie (and cats), and is generally too tired to do anything (we can all relate). That is until one day she runs -well, rides her bike into- a rabbit falling from the sky. This rabbit turns out to be no ordinary rabbit, he’s Okuno hailing from the far away planet of Rabbit. He comes warning Alice of Dark Star, an evil space-faring race that comes to drain the energy of her and the working class for nefarious purposes. With a locket from Okuno, Alice magical girl transforms into Star Savoir Bunny, the bunny-eared superhero who will use her new found powers and very large hammer that comes out of a too small pocket to fight the forces of evil and Dark Star!

Overall my best description of this book is fun - the story, the characters, and even the backgrounds are just fun. Alice is a very relate-able character, we’ve all been her at some point in our lives; working a job we don’t like, not quite making enough, too stressed. The comic gives me a very Unbeatable Squirrel Girl mixed with Sailor Moon vibe, which obviously if you like either of those then you should really give this comic a try.

The art for this comic, all done by Kay Wallitsch, matches the tone of this comic very well. The style is simplistic and fun, which matches the tone of the comic perfectly while allowing for tons of energy and personality in every panel.

Star Savior Bunny Issues 1 and 2 are available now. A Halloween special will be making it’s debut at Halloween Comicfest on October 27th!