How to Play Deadpool Pinball!

Hi everyone! Today we are going to show you how to play some Deadpool pinball!


Whoa, they did not tell me that you were helping out with this.

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Let's just get to the rules:

Right from the beginning, you have some choices to make! Before you plunge the ball, there is either a Skill Shot or a Super Skill Shot. The regular skill shot is the flashing orange light lit at the top of the BAM! lanes at the top of the playfield. If the ball falls into the flashing lane off the plunge, you will be awarded 2.5 million points + 250K for each successful skill shot after that.


Well, while you can change the flashing lane with the flipper buttons before launching a ball, once you plunge, the lane is locked in and you cannot change it.


For the Super Skill Shot, hold the left flipper button while plunging. Then shoot the katana ramp to collect the Super Skill Shot to be awarded 5 million points plus 500K for each successful Super Skill Shot after that.


The goal of the game is to team up with Deadpool as he battles various villains from the Marvel Universe: Juggernaut, Sabretooth, Mystique, Sauron, and Mr. Sinister. Wait - that seems like a random assortment of bad guys. Why are these the villains in your game?


Let's talk about how to start the battles. On both sides of the lower playfield are four targets. The left side spells D-E-A-D and the right side spells P-O-O-L. Complete the D-E-A-D targets to light battle. Start battles by shooting the scoop on the upper left part of the playfield when it is lit.  Select which villain to battle with the flipper buttons - hit both at the same time or the boom button to start the battle! When you first start the game, battle will already be lit for you so you can start busting skulls right away!


I think they worked that all out. Look, I dunno. I'm just the pinball rules guy, not a lawyer. Battle modes work a lot like your favorite 2D fighting game, where the objective is to reduce your enemy's HP bar to 0 by hitting various shots around the playfield. When you get your enemy's lifebar down to 0, hit the scoop to FINISH HIM/HER! The shots required to defeat your opponents change depending on who you are fighting, so no two villains are the same!  Pay attention to the blinking lights on the playfield!

Aside from the villains, there are also time-travel quests to go back in time and battle a T-Rex and a Megalodon? That’s random...even for you…


Wait, you built a time machine...out of a chimichanga truck?!


I walked right into that one.


Right, so to collect chimichangas, shoot the right orbit to scatter chimichangas around the playfield. Shoot the orange lights at the major shots to collect chimichangas! Then shoot the scoop to start the Quests. Quests can score a ton of points if you complete them, so it is worth shooting for them if you have them available!


Well, luckily Wolverine, Dazzler, Colossus, and Domino are here and willing to help you out.  During play, shooting any shot with a “Team-Up!” icon in front of it will build up that characters’ assist meter. When an assist meter is full, you can shoot the respective character’s “Team-Up!” shot to call them in to assist with the current battle.

The four “Team-Up!” shots are:

  • Dazzler: Shoot the left spinner.

  • Colossus: Shoot the U-Turn under the left ramp.

  • Wolverine: Shoot the center spinner.

  • Domino: Shoot the right orbit.

Each of the four heroes assist you in different ways so try to get them all lit up before a battle!


Well, she can be your “main” here too, because if you hit the Dazzler spinner enough times, you can start disco multiball mode!  Shoot the purple shots for jackpots!

Speaking of multiball, there are three of multiball modes in the game. The easiest one is Lil’ Deadpool Multiball.


Well, you’re in luck! The point of Lil’ Deadpool Multiball is to do just that.  Hit the drop targets in front of Lil’ Deadpool, then hit the Lil’ Deadpool target right under the bobblehead on the playfield. When the Lil’ Deadpool lights up green, the ball will lock behind the drop target bank and the game will release a second ball into the shooter lane. Hit the drop targets again to release the first ball and you have a two-ball multiball! Bash Lil’ Deadpool to your heart’s content for jackpots!

The last multiball is Ninja Multiball! Spell P-O-O-L by shooting the targets on the right to light the lock. Shoot the Katana ramp (right lane-to-ramp shot) to lock a ball. Lock three balls in the Katana to start the multiball. In multiball, shoot the major shots (lit purple) to score jackpots, with a super jackpot shot at the Katana ramp! Ghost those ninjas!


In your game, the button is called the BOOM button. The BOOM button is lit by spelling B-O-O-M as the ball travels into the inlanes by the flippers. You can use the flippers to cycle the letters so the ball goes into the unlit inlane to light that letter. When you collect a BOOM, the BOOM button lights up yellow. Pressing the button automatically awards the highest value shot on the playfield! You can also “stack” BOOMs, and if you collect four BOOMs, you get a BIG BOOM! The BOOM button will light red, which will automatically award all lit shots on the playfield! Use BOOMs wisely!


Sure, but I think it'll annoy the heck out of the Level Up staff.

Well, I think that about covers the basics. There are still a ton of features and other cool things to do in the game but I will leave that to you, the player, to discover on your own. Remember: the Golden Rule of Pinball - if it is lit, shoot for it! I hope you have a blast playing Deadpool pinball!


What?! No! We were going to end this on a nice, happy note and you go and throw a threat to the players in there at the end.




This article was written by Level Up Contributors Harry Jackson and Wade Wilson with minor edits performed by Level Up Entertainment staff.