Local Artist Spotlight: Seany Shoe Hands

We’re proud to carry Seany Shoe Hands on our store’s shelves!

Seany Shoe Hands is a dark look into family life with a profoundly autistic toddler. Mom does all she can to help while dad denies his son is disabled. The world hangs in the balance as a very special ABA therapist steps in to help Seany reach his true potential. It may be greater than anyone could imagine.

Seany Shoe Hands proves that everyone has the power to potentially change the world, if not the lives of those around them!

Seany as a Human Relations Indie Book Awards winner for the “Special Needs Human Relations Indie Book” category.

You can pick up your copy of Seany Show Hands here. Please note that all proceeds Level Up Entertainment makes from these sales will be donated to The ARC of Atlantic City.