Local Artist Spotlight: Unlikely Heroes Studios

LOcalReviews Surgeon 2.png

If you’re a Level Up Entertainment regular I’m sure you’ll recognize Unlikely Heroes Studios’ work. Featuring art from Atlantic City native Zack Dolan and contributions from many other wonderfully talents people, Unlikely Heroes Studios has been really growing their brand recently!

Their newest comic is called The Surgeon, which is written by John Pence and features the art team of Zack Dolan, Laurie Foster, and Eve Orozco. Follows the titular surgeon, Doc Hanover, as she makes her way through the post-apocalyptic wasteland formerly known as the Unites States of America. It’s equal parts western, ronin, and Mad Max making for a terrific comic book experience!

Issue #2 has just recently been released and has Doc Hanover reluctantly prepare a small town to withstand a siege from marauding invaders!

LOcalReviews Super.png

But their biggest claim to fame so far is indie comic darling Super!

Super! is a parody comic for those of you who love superheros but are sick of the big two! Follow a rag-tag group of up and coming super heroes as they try to make a name for themselves in a world already dominated by large well-established teams. Twists and turns abound along with some great action and comedic set pieces!

And best of all, they’re bringing Super! back right now! That’s right, if you’re a Super! veteran you can get the brand new issue on Kickstarter. They even have reward tiers to catch you up to speed if you’re a Super! newbie!

Super! Volume 1 along with The Surgeon #1 and The Surgeon #2 are available for purchase now! Meet Zack Dolan at Halloween Comicfest on October 27th!