October Model Builders Competition 2019

Level Up Model Builders Competition 

 Please read the rules then at the bottom of the page fill out the attached sign up form!

Basic Rules for Level Up Gundam Competition

  • Model kits can be bought anywhere. They DO NOT need to be bought from Level Up Entertainment. 

  • Model Kits bought from Level Up Entertainment for the competition can get a 10% discount if you sign up immediately, either on a mobile device or with an employee at Level Up upon purchase.

  • Models can be any grade/size (as long as they align with the overall size requirements listed below)

  • Models and bases/diorama should be no larger than a 12”x12”x12” 

  • Models must be at least 75% original model when making modifications

  • Only one entry is allowed per person.

  • Entry forms must be submitted by October 24th, 2019

  • Entered model kit must be present and left at the store October 25th, by closing (9pm) for display the next day. 


Anyone entering that is 12 years old and below will get a free Haro model of choice for competing. 

For anyone entering who is older than 12 years old the prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Place

    • A Master Grade of choice (up to a $60 value)

    • Paint Pack

    • A Cooler Trophy

  • 2nd Place

    • A Real Grade (or equivalent) model of choice (up to $40 value)

    • A Cool Trophy

You do not need to be present to win. Votes will be tallied at the end of the night, winners will be announced and contacted the next day. Prizes can be claimed from the store.

Judging Criteria

Models will be judged and voted on by people who attend the store on the day of the competition. NO professional judging will take place at this competition. Votes will be taken all day on October 26th 2019, and will be tallied the next day. The model kit with the most votes from the day will win first prize and second most will win second place.

Please note your entry may be disqualified/not displayed for the following:

  1. Work which is Offensive/Questionable - model kits must not be overly violent or sexual. Nudity or extremely violence is prohibited. Any model kit depicting violence or hate against a particular racial, ethnic, or sexual group is prohibited. If you have any questions about if your model kit meets these requirements contact us as Contact@levelupentertainment.com

  2. Work which contains personal information.

  3. Work which is mimicked or copied off of someone else’s work. (this rule does not apply to contestants submitting duplicate kits)

  4. Inappropriate works which is not consistent with the purpose of this competition.

Other Information

Event organizers shall endeavor to take care of all submitted entries. However, they shall not be held liable for any loss or damages should they occur.

By entering, contestants agree to Level Up Entertainment to use submitted works and personal information (photograph, title, comments, winning models’ images taken by us, images which were sent to us for the final judging and actual winning pieces) for the purposes listed below: 

  1. Publishing in any Level Up Entertainment media (including online, social media,  and print).

  2. Displaying at various events.

  3. Publishing in other forms for the purpose of promoting this competition and Gunpla.

  4. Contestants agree to us altering images by adjusting colors, cropping, correcting typographical errors in comments and title, editing comments etc. for the purposes listed above.

  5. The organizer will be extremely careful while handling your work, but we cannot fully guarantee its safety.

  6. Managing entries to this competition.

  7. Contacting entrants to verify and/or to inform winning announcements as well as inquiry correspondence.

  8. Displaying the submitted work with the contestant’s name, as well as other purposes for using works.

We do not share contestant’s private information with third parties without entrants’ permission, except under conditions that are necessary for fulfilling legal obligations, or to use for publications and other things that are listed in the official rules.


If you have any questions pertaining to this competition in anyway, contact us at contact@levelupentertainment. 


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