July 2019 Selfie Pinball Tournament!



Level Up Entertainment (4403 E. Black Horse Pike, Mays Landing, NJ 08330)


July 1st through July 31st! Scores will be accepted until 8:30 PM on July 31.

marioselfie copy.png

Tell Me More:

Level Up Entertainment is proud to announce a new selfie Pinball Tournament! Starting on July 1st, all players of any pinball machine at Level Up can post and record their highest scores for entry in our latest high-score contest! Players must record their scores by taking a selfie photo showing both the score and their face. Comedic poses are encouraged. You can submit your selfie score to Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/lvluppinball), by tagging @LvlUpPinball on Instagram, or by email to LvlUpPinball@gmail.com. All submissions must include your full name and email address so we can contact you if you win! You can enter as many times as you want but only your highest score will count!

What do I win:

The top scorers of each game will win a gift card to Level Up Entertainment! The top overall scorer (combined score across ALL machines) will win a trophy! Players are only eligible to win one gift card. In the event that a player has the top score on more than one machine at the end of the qualifying period, the machine on which the player "wins" will be chosen at random. The prizes for the remaining machines will be awarded to the next top eligible scorer. A player with a top score on more than one machine will still have these points counted toward the Top Overall Scorer award.

Where can I check my score:

Players may check the standings online at https://matchplay.events/live/b31y7/standings . Scorekeepers will update the scores and standings on a semi-regular basis, making sure they are current at the end of each week. If your score is not at the top, head back to Level Up and keep playing! Remember you only need to submit additional entries for scores that are better than your previous games recorded, as only your best score counts.

A few final notes:

Anyone caught by other players or the tournament organizers having posted scores that were not their own, not from a machine at Level Up Entertainment, or other forms of cheating, will be disqualified and that player will not be submitted in the results. Players are to submit scores when they are recorded or in a timely manner. As in you should not get 5 billion points and wait to post the score until the last day of qualifying! Scores submitted at the last possible moment found to have been earned much earlier will not be counted. Remember, the machine itself also keeps track of high scores and it will be checked regularly! 

During the month, Stern may release updates to the code of the games. To protect the tournament, Level Up will NOT update the code during the month of July unless necessary to patch a major exploit or catastrophic bug. In that event, the code update and any effects to scoring will be announced via social media. If any machine goes down and is unavailable for play for an extended period of time, the tournament will end and all current scores will be locked in as final. 

All final decisions are that of the tournament director.  Thanks for reading and hope to see you all soon with some SELFIES and high scores!