Walking Dead Day Shambles Into Level Up

It's been 15 years since Robert Kirkman's hugely successful series The Walking Dead took a bite our of the comics industry. To celebrate, Image Comics has provided us with a special day to celebrate all things dead!

We'll have special comics available for sale that day including a new reprint of The Walking Dead #1 with art by series staple Charlie Adlard! However there will be many more comics representing key moments in the long running series. You might get a version that's fully colored, the sketch art, a virgin cover with no title, or something else! These issue will be available in limited quantities, so run don't walk to Level UP Entertainment on October 13th!

The available blind bag issues are:

  • Walking Dead #1 by David Finch
    Fifteen years ago, this issue started it all! Rick Grimes woke from his coma, and he's been fighting to survive ever since.
  • Walking Dead #2 by Chris Samnee
    Rick rode into Atlanta alone... and lived because of Glenn.
  • Walking Dead #7 by Daniel Warren Johnson
    Tyrese was one of Rick's strongest allies. But it takes more than being strong to survive in this new world. Charlie Adlard's historic run begins here!
  • Walking Dead #19 by J. Scott Campbell: Michonne... need we say more?
  • Walking Dead #27 by Declan Shalvey
    Welcome to Woodbury. The Governor would love to show you around town.
  • Walking Dead #48 by Chris Burnham
    The war between Woodbury and the prison comes to a life-shattering conclusion.
  • Walking Dead #92 by Cory Walker
    Jesus isn't his real name, and he's not really a ninja... but we love him all the same. 
  • Walking Dead #100 by James Harren
    It's time to admit it. You're glad Negan did what he did.
  • Walking Dead #167 by Sana Takeda:
    Rick and Andrea had a love story for the ages. This is where it ended.