Model Builder's Competition Follow-Up

Thank all of you who participated in our FIRST EVER Model Builder's Competition! It went so much better than any of us at the store expected, and we're super happy that you all enjoyed yourselves! This competition would all be for nothing if it wasn't for our great Builders in our local community, thanks again!

Now that the competition is over and passed, we wanted to hear from you! For those of you who competed in the competition, you should have gotten an e-mail asking to take part in our survey, and many of you did! We're very excited for the feedback, wanted to give an overview of what those people said, and wanted to address these inputs by telling you what we plan on doing going forward. 

Now these are ONLY responses from people who competed in this years Model Builder's Competition, so it's no everyone's input. If you want your voice to be heard, then let us know in the comments! 

We'll start by going question by question of the survey our contestants filled out, going over what they said, and how we will address their input in the future.

1)Overall how satisfied were you with the competition?

This is a fairly generic question, but it seems overall everyone was pretty pleased with the competition! Yay!

2)Were you satisfied with the model display?

In this category we did have some complaints about model placement, seeing as there were some straight models and some dioramas. For future events we will be looking into better displaying techniques, also we're looking into splitting competitions into different themes/categories. There's more on this at later questions.

3)Did you feel the rules posted on were clear and easy to follow?

It seems like the rules were overall okay, and lead to no confusion.

4) How interested were you in the prizes?

All the competitors seemed pretty okay with the prizes, some of you want to see more prizes in the future, and just from talking with people it might be worthwhile announcing the prizes earlier so people don't buy the models that are prizes before the event. We got our prizes donated to us from our distributor, who is willing to give us more for bigger events, and also we as a store can add to this category if a lot of you continue to compete.

Is there any prizes specifically you'd like to see? More Master Grades? A couple High Grades instead of one Master grade? Tools? 

5) If a future event had a theme (Halloween, Holiday, etc.) would you still be interested in participating?

There was a fairly positive response to this. Our plan was for Halloween Comicfest to have a Halloween or general Spooky themed build event, like make a Dracula Gundam or a Haunted Millennium Falcon. We'd have a different voting for these events. We'd want to do a full popular vote for this, making the voting be completely up to attendees of the event. We'd look to do popular votes for Free Comic Book Day and Halloween Comic Fest, but doing a professional vote for other competitions done in store and not during an event. This way you can prepare your model and display accordingly; more dazzle and less effort into a popular vote but more work and quality in a professionally voted event.

6) How do you feel we could improve?

We really want to here your input on this, contestant or not. We really are looking to improve in every way possible for these events and competition. 

From our surveys from the contestants we got a couple good suggestions. One was more events, which we are very excited and willing to do for your guys. As explained before we want to do more contests with Professional voting and Popular voting, also with different themes. We also heard for competition categories, like single kit, mutli-kit, diorama, etc., we'd be looking into doing these, specifically for the smaller professional vote competitions. We also heard that you all wanted the store to carry more supplies and tools, and we are looking into it! Hopefully more model related supplies will be a thing we carry in the near future.

But now we want to ask you? What do you think about our responses? Do you have any extra input you'd like us to hear? Anyway you'd like to see the competitions and event done differently? Let us know! Comment on this blog or on our posts about them! We love hearing from you; it's the only way we improve!