Back to the Future Day - Date Change

We've changed the date of our upcoming Back to the Future Day event.

Why? Was it something that Biff did to the time circuits when he stole the DeLorean?

No, unfortunately the answer is far more boring. We had secured the rights to screen Back to the Future Part 2 on October 21st earlier in the year, however Universal Studios pulled the rights to all non-theatrical screenings of the film up to and including the 21st. Since our event is free and not in a theater, that meant us.

So we've pushed the date back a day, but that's it! Nothing else has changed. It's still free, it'll still feature a real life DeLorean that you'll be able to sit in, and it will still feature lots of other cool surprises.

Just.. on the 22nd.

So update your time circuits for October 22nd! We'll see you in the future!