Fall Events!

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So what's up next?

Our fall schedule is filling up fast with a ton of really great (and free!) events. First up is Batman Day on September 26th where you'll be able to stop in for a free comic, sales on everything Batman, and meet the Real Dark Knight himself.

Then we've got an extremely exciting and unique event that we've been waiting for years to do: Back to the Future Day! Any diehard Back to the Future fan will remember that Marty McFly arrives in the year 2015 on October 21st to find a futuristic Hill Valley, complete with holographic movies, hoverboards, and 80's nostalgia themed restaurants. While the future isn't quite as flashy as the movie predicted, we still wanted to celebrate the day that the future officially becomes now with a special free screening of Back to the Future Part 2 inside of the Hamilton Mall!

Finally we have our annual Halloween Comicfest, which will be our largest yet. We've teamed up with the Hamilton Mall to create a mall-wide event that includes a costume contest with live judging, free candy, free comics, professional make-up artists and so much more. Stay tuned as we announce more details on this huge event.