Cosplay Confessions: Sam Star

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Cosplay Confessions is a series we do to spotlight and get to understand the wonderful members of our cosplay community (and beyond!). This month we are talking to Samantha Star, a long time local cosplayer.

How did you get into cosplay?

As a little kid, like 3 years old, my Aunt used to take me to pageants and fairs all dressed up. I have pics of me as Maid Marian, Scarlet O'Hara, and others. They once dressed me up as a parrot, complete with head to toe feathers and rolled me through a parade in a giant bird cage. So the dress up vein ran deep for me.

Why do you like cosplaying?

Cosplaying is cool because you can be who ever or what ever you want. It’s freedom to express yourself and get out of your own skin for a moment. But it also takes some bravery to pull it off.

What have been your favorite character(s) to cosplay?

I've been assigned characters and I've developed characters. I have signature characters, but my favorite so far has been Cheshire Sat. Over six hours in body paint, mega props to Ally and all her hard work. But that's been my favorite so far.

How do you put together your costumes?

First I think not just of the character, but what that character is for me. Is it cute? Is it fierce? And i go from there. The stormtrooper is a little bit sexy in fishnets, or fierce in pants. Poison Ivy went more cute and fun size.

Was has been some of your favorite conventions/events to cosplay at?

Always Level Up’s Halloween Comicfest or Free Comic Book Day. You guys are always so great and the fan base there just keeps growing. Mega con, comicon, even the Philly art festival is fun but it lacks the home grown love of Level Up events.

What is one of your favorite cosplay stories?

As the Cheshire Cat I did a runway show in Philly. There's always a heckler. Well, after the show we remained at booths for people to come buy and see up close. This guy swore up and down I wasn't in paint and proceeded to touch my arm, really close to my breast area. When he felt skin he turned white then pleaded up and down for me not to press charges and ran off. The guy behind him was super supportive and shared Alice in wonderland tattoos with me (he had a whole leg piece) restored my faith in the community.

What are some of the challenges you've had to overcome being a cosplayer?

"You’re a little short aren’t you?" is always the first thing. There will always be a person to try and bring you down so that THEY don't feel insecure. Good thing I had a brother who terrorized me for thirty years so I'm quick with snarkiness and I take them right out at the knees. That’s life though. With cosplay it takes the bravery to put your self out there. But you have to be proud of yourself and carry on.

What advice would you give someone if they were interested in getting into cosplay?

Some people have incredible imaginations and a ton of time and money. Don't let that stop you from bringing your character to life. Are there better Stormtroopers than mine, definitely. But my Stormtrooper is mine and its my calling card. People know me by it. People tell me how much they love it. It doesn't mean I'm the best Stormtrooper, but I am the best me. You may not have the best character of all characters but it’s yours and as long as you own that you'll do great.

What character would you LOVE to tackle someday?

Of course my name sake Samus Aran! I would love a custom suit with LEDs and motorized baster. But that's going to be a slow coming dream.

What has been your biggest cosplay achievement?

Surprisingly, not what what I have or haven't done but what I've achieved over all. Thanks to Joey and Level Up I've been all over websites and google. I've been on IMDB and in the New York Times. I've made friends in Australia, and had several hundred supporters. That's an achievement for anyone.

Where can people find you?

I've gone dark on social media, work restrictions and all. But i can always be reached at