Review: Super Thrash Bros' Master of Buttons


You’ve seen them live at our past few Free Comic Book Day events. Now we’re excited to say, Super Thrash Bros has released their first studio album!

In their usual style, they’ve taken a selection of classic Nintendo tracks and recorded them as metal songs. Despite what their name would suggest, it’s not quite has hardcore metal as thrash typically is, but it’s definitely harder than rock. Keep that in mind if this dosen’t align with your tastes, but as a long time metal-head I very much enjoyed this album!


It’s made up of 8 suites based around some of the most iconic classic Nintendo games. F-Zero, Star Fox, Pokemon, Kirby, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Mega Man are all represented. Each suite consists of two or more tracks from those respective franchises and they chose the perfect songs!

A personal favorite for me is the Pokemon track. It perfectly encapsulates how the music sounded to me when I was a kid, stuck in a tough battle against a gym leader. However, the real stand out track is the one based around Mega Man 2. It contains the most songs and is the longest composition which is fair since that game’s music is legendarily great.


If you’re a fan of remixes and covers of classic game music, there’s something to love about this album. It really is a must buy!

Master of Buttons is available on June 21st!