Local Artist Spotlight: Weapon Brown

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You can’t keep a good blockhead down, not even with nuclear annihilation! Jason Yungbluth’s take on Charlie Brown is a radical departure from the squeaky clean world we’re used to seeing The Peanuts in, but man, is it an AWESOME one.

In this re-imagining Charlie Brown (known as Weapon Brown) is a battle-hardened mercenary with a tortured past. He and his beagle Snoop travel the wastelands going from one deadly situation to another.

While the series may start as a Peanuts re-imagining, Yungbluth eventually pulls in just about every character to ever appear in a comic strip! Garfield is now a giant monster, Popeye is a soldier of immense strength, Little Orphan Annie ain’t so little no more, and I won’t spoil this devilish take on Calvin and Hobbes.

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If you’re an avid comic strip reader you’ll pick up on plenty of clever call backs and delightful references.. Seriously, there are so many characters and references jam packed in this hefty tome, they had to add annotations explaining them all in the back of the book.

It should be noted that this book is not for everyone. It has wild over-the-top violence, nudity, and foul language. This ain’t your grand-ma’s comic characters! However, there is a surprisingly deep story here that has a heart and soul you may not expect. But things still blow up real good on just about every page.

This is truly a comic of great fun and imagination. If any of this sounds mildly interesting to you be sure to pick a copy up today!

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