More treats than tricks! We pack Halloween Comicfest with lots of fun things to do! 


Gaming with Legends of the Interwebs

Legends of the Interwebs is a group of game streamers who play some weird old games. Well now you can play some weird old games WITH them! The legends crew will have some retro games set up that you can play for free! They'll be promoting their upcoming 12 hour charity stream to raise money for Extra Life!


We'll have an IFPA competition on ALL of our pinball machines!

Choose your favorite of Star Wars, Super Mario Bros., and Deadpool and go for the high score! Don't forget these games are all playable in the store right now so make sure you practice up!

Read the Rules here!




Smoke rises on the horizon. A fire rages somewhere in the heart of the forest. From the height of a fire tower, you command the efforts to defend your tower and take down your opponents. With each turn, the inferno grows. Harness the power of the wind to push the blaze towards the other towers, clear tracts of land to fortify your tower, hinder the plans of your opponents with torrents of water, and unleash an arsenal of fire cards upon your foes. Each card has a unique pattern with its own tactical advantage. You must effectively direct the resources in your hand and use sound spatial planning to deploy them. 

Fire Tower incorporates an intuitive play structure that takes minutes to learn and seconds to set up. Although the core mechanics are easy to grasp, an ever-shifting environment forces players to switch up their tactics and experiment with varied strategies, making Fire Tower a difficult game to master and each play-through a fresh experience.


Play your favorite arcade games on the board. No tokens required! Collect tickets throughout the game and redeem them at the gift shop for prizes. The first player to collect all three wins! This game uses a reward system to teach positive behaviors using positive reinforcement.


Meet South Jersey Jason

Cosplayer South Jersey Jason will be on the premises for Halloween Comicfest.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be stalked by one of the most memorable movie monsters in cinematic history!