Pinball League Rules


League Runs on Thursday nights from 7PM-9PM on the following dates: 2/7, 2/14, 2/21, 2/28

Each night you will play each machine twice. These will be run with four player games. We take the highest scores across the machine and award points accordingly. First place on a machine would get 100 points, second place - 99 points, etc. Each player will only count their highest score on a machine. So a really good player can't get 100 points for #1 score on Mario, and then another 99 points for #2 score on Mario.  They could get a 100 for #1 Mario and a 100 for #1 Deadpool though.  

The top four players with the highest total after those six qualifying games, and have a final playoff on one of the machines (chosen by whoever the highest seed is) to determine the winner for the night. Standings would carry over through the four weeks to determine the winner of the league season. Players can drop their lowest week, so if they can't make it for one of the sessions, this will not tank their overall ratings. We would then submit IFPA results based on the overall league season standings.

The league will take place inside Level Up Entertainment in the Hamilton Mall. It is an active store so we ask that you mind your language and are courteous of staff and customers.

Registration fee covers cost of operation, shirt, and IFPA fees. Registration fee must be paid promptly and in full before league starts or you can not participate.

Other rules may be added and enforced at the discretion of the League Organizer or Level Up Entertainment staff at anytime and their decisions are final.

All final decisions are that of the tournament director(s).

Other than that, have fun!