Halloween Comicfest 2015

Costume Contest Details & Rules


Where and When

Our Costume Contest is part of our Halloween Comicfest 2015 festivities, happening on October 31, 2015 at Level Up Entertainment in the Hamilton Mall - Mays Landing, NJ!


Official Entry Forms for the contest will be available at our Halloween Comicfest 2015 Costume Contest Sign-Up Table located in front of Level Up Entertainment between 10 AM and 1:00 PM.



The contest itself will be held before a panel of judges and a live audience at center court in the mall by the elevators - starting at 2:00 PM. Contestants must arrive at 2 PM!


How to Enter

Entering the contest is easy:

  • Attend Free Comic Book Day at Level Up Entertainment on October 31, 2015 in costume!

  • Visit our Halloween Comicfest 2015 Costume Contest Sign-Up Table between 10 am and 1 pm to fill out an Official Entry Form and get your Contestant Number!

  • Be present at the center court stage at 2 PM with your Contestant Number, ready to show off your costume to our judges and everyone in the audience!


How to Win

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Best Kid Ages 0-5

  • Best Kid Ages 6-12

  • Best Adult Female (13+)

  • Best Adult Male (13+)

  • Best Group (All Ages)


Winners will be decided by our panel of judges, which will include:

  • FCBD 2015 and HCF 2014 costume contest winner - Phil Bates from “Totally Not A Robot Cosplay”

  • The Real Dark Knight: South Jersey’s own Batman - Nick Wayne

  • Free Comic Book Day 2015 costume contest winner: Emily aka The Joker

Contestants will be judged on a point scale based on three criteria:

  • Resemblance - How closely does the costume resemble the character it’s based on?

  • Craftsmanship - Is the costume handmade or store-bought? How well is it put together?

  • Style - How well is the costume presented? Overall, how awesome is it?!


Winners will be announced at the end of the contest (once the judges have seen all Contestants and scores have been tallied). Prizes will be awarded at that time.

Costume Contest Details

  • Participants are to begin lining up in the designated area (near the center court stage) no later than 2 PM. The contest itself will begin at 2:00 PM.

  • Participants MUST be present at 2 PM to be included in the contest, they MUST have the Contestant Number they were given when they filled-out their Official Entry Form, and they MUST also be present at the time of final judging to be eligible to win.

  • Each Contestant/Group will cross the stage to present their costumes for judging.

  • Each Contestant may present one – and only one – costume and be entered in only one category. In the case of Group entries, each member may wear one costume per person in the Group, or may wear one costume together (i.e. a large costume that requires several people inside). No single Contestant may also enter into the Group category, etc.

  • Costumes must allow Contestants enough freedom of movement so that they can walk freely and present themselves to the judges when required. Should assistance be needed, Contestants may have assistants but they will not be provided by Level Up Entertainment, Farpoint Toys & Collectibles or the Hamilton Mall.

  • The Judges’ decisions are final. Any ties will be broken in whatever manner the Judges see fit.


Rules & Regulations

  • All Contestants and their costumes, props and “weapons” must adhere to the following policies:

    1. Absolutely NO “live steel”, i.e. NO real metal weapons of ANY KIND, sharp or not!

    2. Absolutely NO functioning or previously functioning projectile weapons (guns, BB guns, paintball guns, working slingshots, bows and arrows, etc.)!

    3. NO fire, smoke or pyrotechnics!

    4. All costumes must be family friendly - NO indecent exposure, nudity, etc!

    5. NO profanity or lewd behavior will be tolerated during the contest!

Please be aware that ANYONE violating these rules WILL be disqualified from the contest and may risk forfeiture of the offending item and/or eviction from the premises at the discretion of Hamilton Mall Security and/or Township of Hamilton Police. Please ensure that any weapon-type props are visibly marked as non-functioning (i.e. orange tips on guns, foam swords, etc.). Level Up Entertainment and/or Farpoint Toys & Collectibles are not responsible for any confiscated, lost, or damaged props or costumes.

  • All Contestants wearing a costume that obscures their face (mask, bandana, helmet, etc) must register and receive a wristband even if they are not participating in the contest.

  • All Contestants under the age of 18 MUST have the consent of a parent or legal guardian to enter the contest. All Contestants in the Junior category (age 13 and under) MUST have a legal guardian or parent present during the entirety of the Costume Contest.

  • Pictures and video of the Contestants may be taken during the contest by representatives of Level Up Entertainment and/or Farpoint Toys & Collectibles. These pictures and video are the property of Level Up Entertainment and/or Farpoint Toys & Collectibles. Entry into this contest constitutes an agreement by the Contestants (or Contestants’ parent or legal guardian if under the age of 18) to allow Level Up Entertainment and/or Farpoint Toys & Collectibles to use their likeness/image, etc. in any current/future advertising (online, in video or in print), promotion, or product.

  • Level Up Entertainment and/or Farpoint Toys & Collectibles reserve the right to modify, update, or amend these rules at any time.


  • And lastly, the most important rule of all … HAVE FUN!