Special Guests

We are very proud to host some incredibly talented people for this year's event! Check out who you'll be able to meet at Free Comic Book Day 2017.

FCBD 17 Crystal Velasquez.png

Crystal Velasquez - Writer

Just Princesses, Your Life But..., Hunters of Chaos

Crystal Velasquez is the author of the graphic novel Just Princesses, Hunters of Chaos, Hunters of Chaos 2: Circle of Lies, the Your Life . . . series, and four Maya & Miguel books based on the TV show. She has also written six mini comic books in the Grimm's Fairy Tales series under a pen name, and is currently writing new chapter books for young readers. She holds a B.A. in English/creative writing from Penn State University and is a graduate of NYU's Summer Publishing Institute. Having spent nearly two decades as a production editor at Tor Books and Penguin Random House, she is now an editor at Working Partners Ltd. as well as a freelance proofreader and copyeditor. She was born in the Bronx, NY, and now lives in Flushing, Queens.



Joe Del Beato - Artist

G.I. Joe, Insectaurs, MASK

Local comics legend Joe del Beato returns to Free Comic Book Day! Joe is a long time friend of the store and if you’ve been to one our events before you’re sure to remember him. We’re excited to have him back!


Joe is best known for his work on iconic 80’s properties like MASK, Inhumanoids, G.I. Joe, Insectaurs, Visionaries as well as many others. His devotion to the medium of comics has lead him to inspire the next generation of comic artists through his popular class on comic illustrations at the Atlantic City Free Public Library




FCBD 17 Joe Del Beato.png

FCBD 17 Mark Poulton.png

Mark Poulton - Writer

A Cat Named Haiku, Savage Hawkman, Avengelyn

Mark is freelance comic book creator and children’s book author who most recently worked on Savage Hawkman for DC Comics and Avengelyne for Image Comics. Avengelyne, which Mark relaunched with comics’ legend, Rob Liefeld, currently runs as a webcomic at Keenspot.com. It has gone on to become one of the most popular series around with a readership over 520,000. His children’s book, A Cat Named Haiku, was nominated for Best Single Issue Story in the 2011 Eagle Awards, and was selected to be part of the TogetheRead Program by teachersandfamilies.com. The first A Cat Named Haiku Anthology is in production with haikus from guest contributors such as Sterling Gates, Justin Jordan, Joe Keatinge, Tom King, and Ann Nocenti.  

Mark is best known for his Arcana Studio’s series Koni Waves and its all ages spin-off Koni Konfidential, which center around Koni Kanawai, who investigates the supernatural legends of Hawaii’s rich mythology. The series has been featured on the popular USA Network series, Psych, and has been favorably reviewed by the Hawaii Star Tribune.

Mark is presently hard at work on his next children’s book, The Pizza Tree, with his son Chase.

You can follow Mark on Twitter @koniwaves.


Mike Capprotti - Artist

Deadpool, Fantasy Flight Games, Youngblood

The remarkably talented Mike Capprotti returns to Free Comic Book Day!

You may remember Mike from previous years events where he appeared as a featured guest. Mike was also the artist behind the official artwork for Free Comic Book Day 2015 and 2016! Mike is a freelance illustratrator who has created art for Arcana, Fantasy Flight Games, Marvel, Image Comics among others, which includes his work along side comics legend Rob Liefeld on Deadpool and Youngblood.

We’re excited to have Mike returning as a special guest for this year’s event!




Dan Khanna - Artist

Transformers, IDW Comics, Dreamwave, Hasbro


Dan Khanna has worked as an artist for Dreamwave, IDW, Titan Comics, Transformers Fan Club and Hasbro where his artwork has been featured in comic books and on Transformers packages! He has also designed statues, provided artwork for video games, and vinyl figures. When it comes to Transformers, Dan has done it all.

We are very excited to welcome Dan back to Free Comic Book Day!




Unlikely Heroes Studios - Zack Dolan


Zack Dolan is an Atlantic City based comic penciler and graphic artist.  He has worked on several independent comic series as a penciler, inker, colorist, writer, and character designer.  He also is co-creator and lead artist of the internationally acclaimed independent series Super!, a Patreon-supported comic that’s received rave reviews.



Twitter: @ZackDolan_SUPER



Bob McLeod - Artist

New Mutants, Spider-Man, Superman

Legendary comic artist Bob McLeod will be joining us for this year’s Free Comic Book Day!

Bob McLeod has been working in comics since the 70’s. His long and varied career includes work on some landmark comics including inking Kraven’s Last Hunt, as the artist on Action Comics #654 (Dark Knight Over Metropolis pt #3), Superman: The Man of Steel, and tons of other comics over the years. The Incredible Hulk, Conan the Barbarian, Legion of Super Heroes, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, Marvel Star Wars, just to name a few.

Bob’s best known work is his co-creation of The New Mutants with legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont in 1982.  

We are incredibly honored and excited to have Bob at this year’s Free Comic Book Day!






Mark Morales - Artist

Spider-Man/Deadpool, Thor, All-Star Batman

Mark is one of the most prolific and talented artists working in comics today! His art can be found on covers of books like the wildly popular Spider-man/Deadpool, Siege, Fear Itself, Avenging Spider-Man, Thor, and a ton more. He’s also contributed to pencils and inking even more titles like Deathstroke, All-Star Batman, Teen Titans, and Convergence for DC, as well as X-Men, Secret Invasion, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy just to name a few.

Seriously, Mark’s work is everywhere in comic books today!

We are incredibly excited to be able to welcome Mark to this year’s Free Comic Book Day event! Special thanks to our friends at ArtistaCon for sponsoring Mark’s appearance! Learn more about Mark and ArtistaCon at the links below.








Bob Petrecca - Artist

Upper Deck - Firefly, Justice League Unlimited, Superman/Batman

Hot off the heels of the successful second year of OC Con, local artist Bob Petrecca joins us for Free Comic Book Day 2017!

Bob's art has appeared in Justice League Unlimited, Superman/Batman, Thor, and most recently for the Upper Deck Firefly trading card series. He's also a founding member of Ocean City's Comic Con!




Bryan J.L. Glass - Writer

The Mice Templar, Furious

Bryan J.L. Glass, the Harvey Award winning writer of The Mice Templar, Furious, and Thor: First Thunder, returns to Free Comic Book Day!

Bryan has been working in comics since 1992 where he has written for Marvel, DC, and Image. He is best known for his long running epic fantasy saga of anthropomorphic mice, The Mice Templar. His most recent work can be found in Image Comics' Oemnibus, a collection of one shots and short stories.